This is the 357th week since I joined EMC.

Yes, I've been counting.

I keep a single page journal in our wiki to track all the work I do in EMC,

which was too long to be displayed by Firefox 3.6 I used, and Firefox comes to version 26 now.

the team

I love the small team feel, the trust, the pride, and the closeness to each other during working

the projects

Perforce will remember all these forever.


I never imagined this would be running six years in a row,

and it is the second longest running production system I wrote single-handedly.

It is a pity that the highly voted "丽春院" didn't get selected eventually :p

swimming, foosball, board games, tennis, badminton

I was never a man like attending sports activities,

but was somehow changed by you all in these years.

The badminton games in the noon were probably the most pleasant sport I ever played and I enjoyed it so much.

the lunches, starbucks, & 饭团

One of the reason I go to the office everyday

I will be missing you

6 years of random adventure

ends today.